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Transferrable Guarantee

Our work and material are fully guaranteed. If any defects are discovered in our work or if a crack leaks again after we have fixed it, we will repair the problem again and fix it for free. Our obligation to you will be to repair our work and re-fix the crack. We will not be responsible for any other losses or damage. Our estimate includes all labour, materials, and equipment necessary to complete the work.

A leaking basement wall or foundation can signal serious problems, which, if not dealt with, can turn into an expensive nightmare. Not only do you have the mess and inconvenience of water on the floor and walls, but increased moisture will lead to mold buildup which can become a serious health hazard.

The Crack Pro will repair your leaking basement and foundation walls quickly and professionally, with a minimum of mess and interruption to you and your daily life.


The Inside Repair . . . The French Drain

interior French drain repair

The French Drain is a much less expensive repair than outside systems. You are guaranteed to solve two problems simultaneously. This system will deal with water coming through the wall and up from under the floor. With the most expensive exterior repair, you are often only successful in waterproofing the wall, but not able to improve the drainage. The reason for this is because the weeping tiles around the house may be plugged, damaged or non-existent, and you would still not be able to control the water coming from under the floor. With the French Drain we are actually creating a new drainage system inside and under the floor. This will control the water coming through the wall.

What we do is chip out the floor along the leaking wall(s). We dig a trench and install a modern 4 inch perforated weeping tile and cover it with gravel. Holes are drilled in the bottom course of block to allow the water to drain out. A waterproof membrane is installed over the trench and up the wall as a water diversion system. The weeping tile is routed into a sump pump. If there is not an existing sump pump we will supply and install one for you. The portion of the floor that was removed will be re-concreted over the trench.


If you find yourself in the unfortunate situation to need our services then rest assured that we can do the job correctly, and keep you and your home safe and dry.